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Buy Our Locally Made Heirloom

Fresh & Dried Pasta

at select Farmer's Markets, Retail Stores, and Restaurants
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At Farmer's Markets

You can find our heirloom pasta at a variety of Washington DC and Virginia farmer's markets on the weekends. This is a unique opportunity, as it is the only place to find our fresh pasta for sale. We also have a limited amount of dried pasta available. So come early and don't miss out!


- Arlington Courthouse (map)
- Falls Church (map)
- Old Town Alexandria (map)
- Reston (map)
- Leesburg (map)

and Sundays:
- Palisades (map)

People at farmer's market

Retail store merchandise
Buy Our Pasta
At Retail Stores

Get our dried heirloom pasta at the following locations:

- Valley Pike Farm Market (map)
- Made in VA (map)
- Foxtrot (locations)
- Lockestore (map)
- Meadow Wood Farm (contact)
- Whiffletree Farm (locations)

Eat Our Pasta
At Restaurants

Eat our delicious fresh heirloom pasta at these fine restaurants:

- Hyatt Regency Barrel & Bushel (map)

outdoor restaurant tables