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Buy Our Locally Made Heirloom

Fresh & Dried Pasta

at select Farmer's Markets, Retail Stores, and Restaurants
Find Us
At Farmer's Markets

You can find our fresh locally made heirloom pasta at many Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland farmers markets...


- Arlington Courthouse (map)
- Falls Church (map)
- Old Town Alexandria (map)
- Reston (map)
- Leesburg (map)

and Sundays:
- Palisades (map)

People at farmer's market

Retail store merchandise
Buy Our Pasta
At Retail Stores

Get our dried heirloom pasta at the following locations:

- Valley Pike Farm Market (map)
- Made in VA (map)
- Foxtrot (locations)
- Lockestore (map)
- Meadow Wood Farm (contact)
- Whiffletree Farm (locations)

Eat Our Pasta
At Restaurants

Eat our delicious fresh heirloom pasta at these fine restaurants:

- Hyatt Regency Barrel & Bushel (map)

outdoor restaurant tables