dried pasta
Foggy Mountain Pasta

The expression of a life-long passion for good food

We believe that food should not only taste good but should also act as a force for good in the community. We show up every day determined to build a more sustainable, diverse, and equitable agricultural ecosystem that supports the growth of our company and our partners.

We are excited to share our love for flavorful, fulfilling pasta that inspires you to create good meals for your friends and family.

Gabriel Key

The largest room in Gabriel's childhood home was the kitchen. So it is not surprising that some of his earliest memories are of good, fresh, and simple food.

Although Gabriel started cooking professionally while in college, his true journey as a chef began when luck and providence gave him the opportunity to work at Il Cibreo in Florence, Italy. This intense immersion in Tuscan and Italian food, wine, and culture is the foundation for Gabriel's work to this day.

Gabriel Key making pasta
eggs and flour

Inspired by his Tuscan experience, Gabriel went to Paris to study savory and pastry cooking at Le Cordon Bleu. Armed with the prestigious Le Grand Diplome, he returned to Northern Italy to study at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners. His career took off, with opportunities to work at multiple Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. Drawn back to the states, Gabriel went to the San Francisco Bay Area and immersed himself in the then-emerging "farm-to-table" scene, pursuing opportunities to work at Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants, Oliveto, Auberge du Soleil, and with other well-known chefs, farmers, and winemakers.

Foggy Mountain Pasta is an expression of Gabriel’s deepest belief: that true nourishment for your mind, soul, and heart comes from food that is economically, socially, and sustainably produced.